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  • 17-AAG | 75747-14-7 | Structure | Supplier
    17-AAG (75747-14-7) is a semi-synthetic analog of geldanamycin (Cat.# 10-1084) which is less toxic and more stable. 17-AAG selectively binds to and inhibits HSP90 from tumor cells. Anti-angiogenic activity. Cell permeable...

  • 17-DMAG | 150270-08-9 | Structure | Supplier
    17-DMAG (150270-08-9) is an analog of geldanamycin (Cat.# 10-1084) that displays superior pharmacological properties. 17-DMAG inhibits HSP90 and induces apoptosis in a variety of tumor cell lines. Inhibits angiogenesis. Cell...

  • AAL-993 | 269390-77-4 | Structure | Supplier
    AAL-993 (269390-77-4) inhibits VEGFR-1 (IC50 = 130 nM), VEGFR-2 (IC50 = 23 nM), and VEGFR-3 (IC50 = 18 nM). PDGFR-β, cKit, and CSF-1R are also inhibited at higher concentrations (IC50's 640 nM, 236 nM and 380 nM...

  • Alsterpaullone | 237430-03-4 | Structure | Supplier
    Alsterpaullone (237430-03-4) is a potent and selective inhibitor of GSK-3β and CDK5/p25. Potent inhibitor of CDK1/cyclin B (IC50 = 35 nM)1. Alsterpaullone induces apoptosis2 and inhibits angiogenesis3...

  • Apigenin | 520-36-5 | Structure | Supplier
    Apigenin (520-36-5) is a plant flavonoid with antioxidant properties. It has been reported to have myriad effects on biochemical pathways including kinase inhibition (CK2, PKC, ERK)1-3, CYP2CP inhibition4, inhibition of...

  • Axitinib | VEGFR kinase inhibitor
    Axitinib (319460-85-0) is a potent inhibitor of VEGFR-2, -3, and -1, IC50 = 0.2, 0.1-0.3, and 1.2 nM respectively1 displaying minimal activity against a panel of ~100 protein kinases. Inhibits angiogenesis and vascular...

  • Borrelidin | 7184-60-3 | Structure | Supplier
    Borrelidin (7184-60-3) is a novel macrolide which inhibits bacterial and eukaryotic threonyl-tRNA synthetase.1 Displays potent anti-angiogenic activity and induces the collapse of newly formed capillary tubules...

  • Bortezomib | Proteasome inhibitor
    Potent and selective proteasome inhibitor (Ki=0.6 nM). Inhibits proliferation of a number of tumor cell lines (IC50=7 nM).  Inhibits TNFα synthesis and FGF-induced angiogenesis. Clinically useful agent for...

  • Castanospermine | 79831-76-8 | Structure | Supplier
    Castanospermine (79831-76-8) is a natural product, derived from Castanospermum austral. Potent inhibitor of α- and β-glucosidases. Exhibits antiviral properties. Inhibits HIV infectivity. Inhibits thyroglobulin...

  • Ciglitazone | 74772-77-3 | Structure | Supplier
    Ciglitazone (74772-77-3) is a PPARγ agonist (EC50=3 μM). Stimulates adipogenesis in human mesenchymal stem cells. Ciglitazone inhibits HUVEC differentiation and angiogenesis. Cell permeable. References/Citations1)...

  • DZNep | Methyltransferase inhibitor
    DZNep (102052-95-9) is a potent histone methyltransferase inhibitor which decreases global histone methylation.1 Inhibits trimethylation of H3K27 and H4K20 in vitro.1 Selectively induces apoptosis in multiple cancer cell...

  • FAK inhibitor 14 | FAK inhibitor
    FAK inhibitor 14 (4506-66-5) is a selective focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibitor that displays no significant activity at a range of other kinases including EGFR, PDGFR and IGF-RI. Prevents FAK autophosphorylation at Y397...

  • Fascaplysin | CDK4 inhibitor
    Fascaplysin (114719-57-2) is a novel marine natural product isolated from Thorectandra sp.1 A potent and selective inhibitor of cyclin dependent kinase 4/cyclin D1 (IC50 = 0.35 μM) and is less selective for Cdk6/D1...

  • Fumagillin | 23110-15-8 | Structure | Supplier
    Fumagillin (23110-15-8) is a natural product isolated from the microbial organism Aspergillus fumigatus and used as an antimicrobial for honey bees. It covalently binds and inhibits methionine aminopeptidase-2.1 Fumagillin...

  • Gefitinib | 184475-35-2 | Structure | supplier
    Gefitinib (184475-35-2) is a potent and selective EGFR kinase inhibitor (IC50 = 23-79 nM)1. Inhibits EGFR autophosphorylation and inhibits tumor growth in vivo2. Enhances efficacy of cytotoxic agents3. Inhibits growth factor...

  • Herbimycin A | HSP90 Inhibitor
    Herbimycin A (70563-58-5) is an ansamycin antibiotic. Inhibits HSP90 and associated client proteins including v-Src, Bcr-Abl, Raf-1 and ErbB21,2. Herbimycin A reverts tyrosine kinase-induced oncogenic transformation without...

  • Herboxidiene | 142861-00-5 | Structure | Supplier
    Herboxidiene (142861-00-5) is a novel polyketide fermentation product produced by Streptomyces chromofuscus, originally discovered by screening for herbicidal activity. Potent and selective inhibitor of spliceosome subunit...

  • Indirubin-3'-monoxime | 160807-49-8 | Structure | Supplier
    Indirubin-3'-monoxime (160807-49-8) is a potent GSK-3β inhibitor (IC50=22 nM)1. Also inhibits CDK1 (IC50=180 nM) and CDK5 (IC50=100 nM)1. Displays antimitotic properties and induces endoreplication following prophase...

  • Itraconazole | Autophagy inducer / Inhibits glioblastoma growth
    Itraconazole (84625-61-6) inhibits the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol via inhibition of the 14-α demethylase, a cytochrome P-450 enzyme.1 Clinically useful antifungal agent. It inhibits the proliferation of...

  • Lenalidomide | Immunomodulator
    Lenalidomide (191732-72-6) is a thalidomide analog which, like thalidomide1, binds to cereblon which is the substrate recognition component of a cullin-dependent ubiquitin ligase and inhibits its autoubiquitination activity2...

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