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Aurora Kinase

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  • Tozasertib | Aurora kinase inhibitor
    Tozasertib (639089-54-6) is an inhibitor of Aurora kinases.1 Blocks cell cycle progressing, inhibits proliferation, and induces apoptosis in a wide range of cancer cell lines (IC50 <10 μM for clear cell renal...

  • ZM-447439 | 331771-20-1 | Structure | Supplier
    ZM-447439 (331771-20-1) is a selective ATP-competitive inhibitor of Aurora kinase B1 (IC50 = 50 nM, Aur A IC50 = 1 μM, Aur C IC50 = 250 nM at physiological ATP concentrations2, Ref.1 lists Aur A IC50 = 110nM and Aur B...

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