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  • Andrographolide | 5508-58-7 | Structure | Supplier
    Andrographolide (5508-58-7) is the major bioactive component of the medicinal plant Andrographis paniculate. Demonstrates anti-inflammatory anti-apoptotic, anti-viral and anti-proliferative effects in vitro and in vivo...

  • Castanospermine | 79831-76-8 | Structure | Supplier
    Castanospermine (79831-76-8) is a natural product, derived from Castanospermum austral. Potent inhibitor of α- and β-glucosidases. Exhibits antiviral properties. Inhibits HIV infectivity. Inhibits thyroglobulin...

  • ML-324 | 1222800-79-4 | Structure | Supplier
    ML-324 (1222800-79-4) inhibits JMJD2 histone demethylases. Represses the expression of viral (HCMV and HSV-1) immediate early genes (IC50 ~ 10 μM) and abrogates infection. ML-324 represses the reactivation of HSV from the...

  • Prostratin | Promotes neuro-regeneration
    Prostratin (60857-08-1) is a terpenoid, non-tumorigenic PKC activator isolated from Pimelia prostrate.1,2 Induces differentiation of human myeloid leukemia cells and potentiates differentiation by chemotherapeutic agents.3...

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