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  • BAY K8644 | L-type calcium channel activator
    BAY K8644 (71145-03-4) is an L-type Ca2+-channel activator with positive inotropic and vasoconstrictive effects.1-4 References/Citations1) Schramm et al. (1983) Novel Dihydropyridines with positive inotropic action through...

  • B!X-01294 | 935693-62-2 | Structure | Supplier
    BIX-01294 (935693-62-2) is a selective inhibitor of G9a histone methyltransferase (G9aHMTase; IC50 = 1.7 μM) as well as GLP HMTase (IC50 = 38 μM) leading to a decrease in H3K9me2(histone H3 lysine 9 methylation) in...

  • CHIR-99021 potent and selective inhibitor
    CHIR-99021 (252917-06-9) is a potent and selective inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK3β, IC50 = 5 nM) and GSK3α (IC50 = 10 nM)1. Induces osteoblastogenesis, increases mineralization and inhibits...

  • Ciglitazone | 74772-77-3 | Structure | Supplier
    Ciglitazone (74772-77-3) is a PPARγ agonist (EC50=3 μM). Stimulates adipogenesis in human mesenchymal stem cells. Ciglitazone inhibits HUVEC differentiation and angiogenesis. Cell permeable. References/Citations1)...

  • DZNep | Methyltransferase inhibitor
    DZNep (102052-95-9) is a potent histone methyltransferase inhibitor which decreases global histone methylation.1 Inhibits trimethylation of H3K27 and H4K20 in vitro.1 Selectively induces apoptosis in multiple cancer cell...

  • Forskolin | Adenylate cyclase activator
    Forskolin (66575-29-9) is a widely used adenylate cyclase activator.1 Forskolin also is a positive inotropic agent, vasodilator and induces platelet activation among other activities.2-5 References/Citations1) Awad et al...

  • LM11A-31 | p75NTR ligand / Promotes neurogenesis
    A nonpeptide neurotrophic factor receptor p75 (p75NTR) agonist which promotes survival signaling in neurotrophin-responsive cells.1 Promotes functional recovery in a mouse model of spinal contusion injury.2 Protects...

  • Neurodazine | Induces stem cell neuronal differentiation
    Neurodazine (937807-66-4) was able to induce neurogenesis of non-pluripotent myoblasts and cells derived from mature, human skeletal muscle (using 2 μM neurodazine). It was able to upregulate genes involved in...

  • PluriSln#1 | Stearoyl CoA desaturase inhibitor
    PluriSln#1 (91396-88-2) is an inhibitor of stearoyl-coA desaturase (SCD1). PluriSln#1 was able to selectively eliminate human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) while not affecting a large array of progenitor and differentiated...

  • RepSox | TGFbetaR-1 / ALK5 inhibitor
    RepSox (446859-33-2) is a potent (IC50 ALK5 auto-P= 4 nM; IC50 TGF-β cellular assay = 23 nM) inhibitor of the TGF-β type I receptor (ALK5).1 RepSox can replace Sox2 in reprogramming adult cells into pluripotent...

  • Thiazovivin | 1226056-71-8 | Structure | Supplier
    Thiazovivin (1226056-71-8) dramatically improves (200-fold) the efficiency of induced pluripotent stem cell generation from human fibroblasts1. Induces direct conversion of porcine embryonic fibroblasts into adipocytes2...

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