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  • 5-Azacytidine | 320-67-2 | Structure | Supplier
    5-Azacytidine (320-67-2) is specific inhibitor of DNA methyltransferase1. Incorporates into DNA and covalently reacts with and inhibits DNA methyltransferases. Induces demethylation and reactivation of silenced genes2...

  • 5-Fluorouracil | 51-21-8 | Structure | Supplier
    5-Fluorouracil (51-21-8) is a clinically useful anticancer agent that acts via irreversible inhibition of thymidylate synthase. The active metabolites of 5-Fluorouracil are 5-Fluorodeoxyuridylate (5-FdUMP),...

  • Actinomycin D | Transcription inhibitor
    Actinomycin D (50-76-0) is a clinically useful antitumor agent. Actinomycin D has the ability to inhibit transcription by binding DNA at the transcription initiation complex and preventing elongation of RNA chain by RNA...

  • Afatinib | EGFR and HER2 inhibitor
    Afatinib (850140-72-6) is a clinically useful kinase inhibitor approved for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. It is a potent and highly selective inhibitor of mutant and wild-type EGFR (IC50= 0.5 nM) and HER2...

  • Amifostine | Cellular protectant
    Amifostine (20537-88-6) is a broad sprectrun radio- and chemoprotective agent.1 Prevents chemotherapy-induced apoptosis, upregulates HIF-1α and restores transcriptional activity in specific p53 mutants...

  • Ansatrienin B | Cytotoxic activity
    Ansatrienin b (82189-04-6) represents a novel class of ansamycins.1 Inhibits osteoclastic bone resorption.2 Potentiates the activity of several clinically useful antitumor agents.3 Translation inhibitor which prevents ICAM-1...

  • Axitinib | VEGFR kinase inhibitor
    Axitinib (319460-85-0) is a potent inhibitor of VEGFR-2, -3, and -1, IC50 = 0.2, 0.1-0.3, and 1.2 nM respectively1 displaying minimal activity against a panel of ~100 protein kinases. Inhibits angiogenesis and vascular...

  • Bexarotene | Retinoid RXR agonist
    Bexarotene (153559-49-0) is a highly potent and selective retinoid X receptor (RXR) agonist (EC50=28, 25, 20 nM for RXRα, β, γ respectively).1 Clinically useful antineoplastic agent for cutaneous T-cell...

  • Bleomycin sulfate | Induces double strand DNA breaks
    Bleomycin sulfate (9041-93-4) co ordinates with metals producing reactive oxygen species which causes oxidative damage to DNA1 and RNA2. Induces double-strand DNA damage3. Commonly used to induce lung fibrosis in animal...

  • Bortezomib | Proteasome inhibitor
    Potent and selective proteasome inhibitor (Ki=0.6 nM). Inhibits proliferation of a number of tumor cell lines (IC50=7 nM).  Inhibits TNFα synthesis and FGF-induced angiogenesis. Clinically useful agent for...

  • Cabozantinib | Met and VEGFR2 inhibitor
    Cabozantinib (849217-68-1) is a novel inhibitor of c-met and VEGFR2 kinase activity, IC50=3.5 nm and 35 pM respectively.1 Inhibits MET-activating kinase domain mutations Y1248H, D1246N or K1262R, IC50=3.8, 11.8 and 14.6 nM...

  • Carfilzomib | 868540-17-4 | Structure | supplier
    Carfilzomib (868540-17-4) is a potent and irreversible proteasome inhibitor.1 Synthetic analog of the microbial product epoxomcin.2 Compared to bortezomib it displays equal potency but greater selectivity for the...

  • Cisplatin | Anticancer agent
    Induces intra- and interstrand DNA adducts which poison topoisomerase I.1 Synergizes with topoisomerase I inhibitors such as topotecan.1 Induces apoptosis by sequential activation of caspase-8, -3 and -6 in osteosarcoma...

  • Crizotinib | c-MET and ALK inhibitor
    Crizotinib (877399-52-5) is a potent and selective inhibitor of c-MET and ALK, IC50's=8 and 20 nM respectively.1 Inhibition of cell proliferation was associated with G1-S phase cell cycle arrest and induction of...

  • Dabrafenib | 1195765-45-7 | Structure | Supplier
    Dabrafenib (1195765-45-7) is a selective inhibitor of mutant B-RafV600E (IC50 = 0.8 nM), with 4- and 6-fold reduced potency against wild type B-Raf and c-Raf (IC50 = 3.2 and 5 nM, respectively).1 Has been in clinical...

  • Dasatinib | Src and Bcr/Abl inhibitor
    Dasatinib (302962-49-8) inhibits Src, Bcl/Abl and Lyn tyrosine kinases (IC50= 0.55, 3.0 and 8.5 nM respectively).1,2 Suppresses invasion and induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of head and neck squamous cell...

  • Decitabine | DNA hypomethylation agent
    Decitabine (2353-33-5) inhibits DNA methyltransferase. Induces demethylation and reactivation of silenced genes. Increases stem cell reprogramming efficiency. Decitabine stimulates osteogenic differentiation of human bone...

  • Docetaxel | Microtubule stabilizing agent
    Docetaxel (114977-28-5) is an antimitotic chemotherapeutic which inhibits via reversible high-affinity binding to microtubules1. Induces apoptosis in a variety of cancer cell lines2 however, tumor cells can quickly develop...

  • Doxorubicin HCl | DNA damaging agent
    Doxorubicin HCl (25316-40-9) is an antitumor antibiotic. Induces DNA damage by intercalation1 and inhibition of topoisomerase II. Doxorubicin HCl induces apoptosis in a variety of cell lines2. Acts as a substrate for MDR13...

  • Enasidenib | Inhibitor of IDH2
    Enasidenib (1446502-114-9) is a potent (IC50’s = 100 nM IDH2R140Q homodimer, 30 nM IDH2R140Q/WT heterodimer and 10 nM IDH2R172K/WT heterodimer) and selective inhibitor of mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase 2 (IDH2)...

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