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  • 17-AAG | 75747-14-7 | Structure | Supplier
    17-AAG (75747-14-7) is a semi-synthetic analog of geldanamycin (Cat.# 10-1084) which is less toxic and more stable. 17-AAG selectively binds to and inhibits HSP90 from tumor cells. Anti-angiogenic activity. Cell permeable...

  • 17-AHA-Geldanamycin | Structure | Supplier
    17-AHA-geldanamycin is a semi-synthetic analog of geldanamycin containing a linker bearing a free NH2 functional group for conjugation. Selectively binds to HSP90 and may be used to prepare geldanamycin beads and affinity...

  • 17-DMAG | 150270-08-9 | Structure | Supplier
    17-DMAG (150270-08-9) is an analog of geldanamycin (Cat.# 10-1084) that displays superior pharmacological properties. 17-DMAG inhibits HSP90 and induces apoptosis in a variety of tumor cell lines. Inhibits angiogenesis. Cell...

  • 17-GMP-APA-GA | Structure | Supplier
    17-GMP-APA-GA is an analog of geldanamycin (Cat.# 10-1084) equipped with linker for coupling to proteins or antibodies for the preparation of immunoconjugates, for example. References/Citations1) Mandler et al. (2004),...

  • Geldanamycin | 30562-34-6 | Structure | Supplier
    Geldanamycin (30562-34-6) inhibits HSP90 by binding to its ATP-binding domain (Kd=1.2 μM) and subsequently inhibits HSP90 client proteins. Geldanamycin induces apoptosis in various cell types. Cell permeable...

  • Geldanamycin-biotin | Structure | Supplier
    Geldanamycin-biotin is a useful biotinylated ligand for affinity purification of HSP-90 and HSP-90- dependent client proteins. References/Citations 1) Clevenger et al. (2004), Biotinylated geldanamycin; J. Org. Chem., 69...

  • Geldanamycin-FITC | Structure | Supplier
    Geldanamycin-FITC is a novel geldanamycin fluorescent probe1 that may be used in a fluorescence polarization assay for HSP-90 inhibitors.2,3 May also be used for detection of cell surface HSP-90 and for other applications...

  • Herbimycin A | HSP90 Inhibitor
    Herbimycin A (70563-58-5) is an ansamycin antibiotic. Inhibits HSP90 and associated client proteins including v-Src, Bcr-Abl, Raf-1 and ErbB21,2. Herbimycin A reverts tyrosine kinase-induced oncogenic transformation without...

  • Radicicol | HSP90 inhibitor
    Radicicol (12772-57-5) inhibits heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) activity by binding to the ATP-binding pocket.1 In cells HSP90 client proteins such as Raf kinase2, HIF-1α3 and estrogen receptor4 are destabilized and...

  • Terazocin HCl | Adrenergic antagonist
    Terazocin HCl (63074-08-8) is an α1- and α2B-adrenoceptor antagonist (Ki = 3.3, 0.7, 1.1, 7.7, 1510 and 78.2 nM for α1A, α1B, α1D, α2B, α2A and α2C receptors respectively)1...

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