Highly-Selective Kinase Inhibitor Library

Our library of highly-selective kinase inhibitors represents a targeted collection of kinase inhibitors for screening. Notorious for their lack of specificity, some of the oldest and most familiar inhibitors are among the most indiscriminate, inhibiting an array of kinases from multiple kinase families.

While this is sometimes beneficial, it can prove problematic in high throughput screening. The solution is to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality results and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Our IntelliScreen™ Highly Selective Kinase Inhibitor Library is crafted to provide a compact collection of inhibitors that reduce ambiguity in data. These inhibitors are curated for their high selectivity for an individual target which helps limit the amount of additional testing required after screening.

Components include 85 Individual selective kinase inhibitors, each supplied in solution in DMSO at a concentration of 10 mM.

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For a full list of inhibitors included in this library, and the kinases they target, please contact Support@focusbiomolecules.com.

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A targeted collection of kinase inhibitors for screening

Molecular Weight:

Various by compound


95% or greater purity for each individual compound.

Physical Properties:

The library is available in Whatman Uniplate 96 well plates or in individual barcoded storage tubes. We welcome customization requests and can help you design a library that is ideal for your particular research needs.


Compounds are provided in solution in DMSO in a 96-well format. The plates as supplied should be stored at -80°C.


1 year as supplied

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