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SHP099 targets ALK inhibitor resistant cancer


Multiple cellular pathways can lead to acquired resistance to ALK inhibitors.  A common pathway is activation of alternate kinase pathways, including EGFR, KIT, SRC, and IGF1R to maintain activation of downstream ERK and/or PI3K-AKT signaling.  Addition of inhibitors to these pathways is a viable response, but not optimal due to the presence of multiple alternatives. Dardaei and co-workers have discovered that SHP2, a nonreceptor tyrosine phosphatase, acts as a common targetable resistance node.  Treatment of ALK-resistant patient-derived cells with the selective SHP2 inhibitor, SHP099, combined with an ALK inhibitor restored sensitivity via suppression of ERK1/2 reactivation.  Focus Biomolecules has high quality SHP099 in stock at the best price on the market.