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  • 6,7-ADTN HBr | 13575-86-5 | Structure | Supplier
    6,7-ADTN HBr (13575-86-5) is a broad spectrum dopamine receptor agonist.1,2  Demonstrates a marked selectivity for the human dopamine D3 receptor.3 6,7-ADTN and psychostimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine reduce...

  • Apomorphine HCl | 41372-20-7 | Structure | Supplier
    Apomorphine (41372-20-7) is an archetypal dopamine pan-receptor agonist. Displays anti-Parkinsons activity in vivo.1 Protects against MPTP-induced neurotoxicity in a mouse model.2 In clinical use for Parkinson’s...

  • Aripiprazole | Dopamine receptor partial agonist
    Aripiprazole (129722-2-9) is a clinically useful neuroleptic and antipsychotic agent.1 Dopamine D2 receptor antagonist and autoreceptor agonist.2 Improves symptoms of psychosis associated with Alzheimer's disease...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, Bromocriptine mesylate | Dopamine D2/D3 agonist | CAS 22260-51-1
    Bromcriptine mesylate (22260-51-1) is a dopamine D2 receptor agonist. Inhibits prolactin production3. Decreases cocaine self-administration in the rat4. Active in vivo. References/Citations1) Nilsson and Hokfelt (1978),...

  • Clozapine | 5786-21-0 | Structure | Supplier
    Clozapine (5786-21-0) is a dopamine D4 and D2 receptor antagonist. High affinity for the cloned rat dopamine D4 receptor (Ki < 20 nM).1 Atypical neuroleptic agent.2 Antagonist at 5HT2A, 5HT2C, 5HT3, 5HT6 and 5HT7...

  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of GBR-12909 2HCl | Dopamine reuptake inhibitor | CAS 67469-78-7
    GBR-12909 2HCl (67469-78-7) is a potent and selective inhibitor of dopamine reuptake (Ki = 1 nM) with greater than 100 fold selectivity over serotonin and noradrenaline.1 GBR-12909 2HCl also acts as a potent sigma...

  • Perphenazine | Antipsychotic agent
    Perphenazine (58-39-9) is a clinically useful typical antipsychotic drug.  The therapeutic mode of action is not well understood but it binds to a wide variety of receptors including serotonin, histamine, dopamine, and...

  • Quetiapine hemifumarate | Atypical antipsychotic agent
    Quetiapine hemifumarate (111974-72-2) is an atypical antipsychotic agent. Antagonist at serotonin (5-HT2) and dopamine (D2) receptors, IC50s=148 and 329 nM respectively.2 Reverses depressive-like behavior and reduces DNA...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, chemical structure SCH-202676 | G-protein inhibitor | CAS 70375-43-8
    SCH-202676 (70375-43-8) is a reversible inhibitor of both agonist and antagonist binding to G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).1 IC50's = 0.1-1.7 μM for nine GPCRs.1 Modification of GPCRs is accomplished via sulfhydryl...

  • Terguride | Dopamine D2 agonist
    Terguride (37686-84-3) is a semi-synthetic ergoline derivative which acts as a partial dopamine D2 agonist and 5HT2B/2C receptor antagonist. Displays antiparkinsonian effects in MPTP-treated cynomolgus monkeys1. Partial...

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