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  • CZC-8004 | Multi-kinase inhibitor; affinity ligand
    CZC-8004 (916603-07-1) is a pan-specific kinase inhibitor. May be coupled to sepharose via its amino-side chain for affinity chromatography applications1. References/Citations1) Klutchko et al. (1998), 2-Substituted...

  • K252A | Kinase inhibitor (pan-specific)
    K252a (99533-80-9) is a potent pan-specific protein kinase inhibitor: PKA (Ki = 18 nM), PKC (Ki = 25 nM) PKG (Ki = 20 nM)1. K252a inhibits CaMK (Ki = 1.8 nM)2 and phosphorylase kinase (IC50 = 1.7 nM)3 as well as other...

  • K252B | Kinase inhibitor (pan-specific)
    K252b (99570-78-2) is a potent pan-specific protein kinase inhibitor: PKA (Ki = 20 nM), PKG (Ki = 100 nM)1 as well as other kinases. Cell impermeable2. References/Citations1) Kase et al. (1987), K252 compounds, novel...

  • Staurosporine | Kinase inhibitor (pan-specific)
    Staurosporine (62996-74-1) is a non-selective protein kinase inhibitor with nanomolar potency. Staurosporine is widely used to induce apoptosis and to study protein kinase involvement in signal transduction pathways...

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