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  • Atherosclerosis

    Atglistatin | ATGL inhibitor

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    Atglistatin (1469924-27-3) is the first small molecule inhibitor of adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) – IC50 = 700 nM.1  It exhibits high selectiv...
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  • New Products

    DO264 | ABHD12 inhibitor

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    DO264 is a potent, reversible competitive inhibitor of ABHD12 (α/β-hydrolase domain-containing 12) which shows negligible interaction with other se...
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  • Bioactive Lipids

    JZL-184 | MAG lipase inhibitor

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    JZL-184 (1101854-58-3) inhibits MAG lipase (IC50=8 nM) selectively over FAAH. Irreversible. Cell permeable. References/Citations 1) Long et al....
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  • Bioactive Lipids

    LY-2183240 | Anandamide uptake inhibitor

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    LY-2183240 (874902-19-9) is highly potent inhibitor of cellular anandamide uptake (IC50 = 0.27nM1, 15nM2). LY-2183240 has also been found2,3,4 to b...
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  • Approved Drugs

    Orlistat | DAG Lipase-alpha inhibitor

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    Orlistat (96829-58-2) is a lipase inhibitor which blocks the biosynthesis of 2-AG by inhibition of DAG lipase-α1. Inhibits pancreatic lipase and ot...
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  • Bioactive Lipids

    RHC-80267 | DAG Lipase inhibitor

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    RHC-80267 (83654-05-1) inhibits DAG Lipase activity in a variety of cell types and tissues, including canine platelets, bovine adrenal chromaffin c...
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