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  • Geldanamycin-FITC | Structure | Supplier
    Geldanamycin-FITC is a novel geldanamycin fluorescent probe1 that may be used in a fluorescence polarization assay for HSP-90 inhibitors.2,3 May also be used for detection of cell surface HSP-90 and for other applications...

  • MRL-24 | Structure | Supplier
    MRL-24 displays high affinity for PPARγ with excellent anti-diabetic activity in mice but poor PPARγ agonist activity in transcription and adipogenesis assays. MRL-24 is highly effective (30 nM) at blocking...

  • Pepstatin A | 26305-03-3 | Structure | supplier
    Pepstatin A (26305-03-3) is a selective inhibitor of aspartyl proteases.1 Inhibits human pepsin, human gastricsin, renin, cathepsin D and E and bovine chymosin.2 Does not inhibit thiol proteases, neutral proteases or serine...

  • Pimaricin (Natamycin) | Antifungal Polyene macrolide
    Pimaricin (7681-93-8) is a polyene macrolide topical antifungal agent. Specifically binds to ergosterol and inhibits fungal growth, not by forming pores in the plasma membrane (as is the case with other polyene macrolides...

  • WZB117 | Glucose transport inhibitor
    WZB117 (1223397-11-2) is an inhibitor of Glucose Transporter 1 (GLUT1). It inhibited cell proliferation in lung cancer A549 cells and breast cancer MCF7 cells with an IC50 of approximately 10 μM. Daily intraperitoneal...

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