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  • Chemical structure Reserpine Focus Biomolecules CAS#1
    Reserpine (50-55-5) is an indole alkaloid isolated from Rauwolfia serpentina which acts as a potent antihypertensive agent. Irreversibly inhibits both isoforms of vesicular monoamine transporter VMAT1 and 2, Ki=34 and 12 nM,...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, chemical structure of Tetrabenazine | VMAT2 inhibitor | CAS 58-46-8
    Tetrabenazine (58-46-8) is a potent inhibitor of the vesicular monoamine transporter (VMAT), IC50=3.2 nM1,2 with selectivity for VMAT2 over VMAT13. Promotes late stage differentiation of Pdx1-positive pancreatic progenitor...