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Focus Biomolecules will be at ICRS June 30th to July 4th


Visit us at ICRS 2019 in Bethesda, Maryland June 30th to July 4th.

As a sponsor, Focus Biomolecules provides support for three post-docs to attend the conference.

Stop by our table, chat with our scientists and learn about our products for endocannabinoid research.

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A potential new role for RIP1 kinase

Researchers have discovered that inhibition of RIP1 kinase blocks the progression of multiple sclerosis in an immune-induced demyelination mouse model (EAE) but not a chemically-induced one (CPZ). RIPA-56 (Focus Biomolecules Cat# 10-4611) blocked disease progression at a step of monocyte elevation downstream of T-cell activation and myelin-specific antibody generation but upstream of blood-brain barrier breakdown. This [...]

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Visit us at AACR 2019 in Atlanta - Booth 4738

Learn about the hottest new small molecules in cancer research today including STING reagents and other immunomodulators!

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SHP099 targets ALK inhibitor resistant cancer

Multiple cellular pathways can lead to acquired resistance to ALK inhibitors.  A common pathway is activation of alternate kinase pathways, including EGFR, KIT, SRC, and IGF1R to maintain activation of downstream ERK and/or PI3K-AKT signaling.  Addition of inhibitors to these pathways is a viable response, but not optimal due to the presence of multiple alternatives. Dardaei [...]

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REV-ERB agonists and Cancer

Researchers at the Salk Institute, the University of California, and the University of Texas have identified a potential new class of cancer therapeutics. REV-ERBs are nuclear hormone receptors that are critical components of the circadian clock, the body's mechanism for establishing daily rhythms in cellular proliferation, metabolism, and other essential processes.  Dysregulation of this system is [...]

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