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ER and ERR

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  • 27-Hydroxycholesterol | Cholesterol oxidation metabolite
    27-Hydroxycholesterol (20380-11-4) is a metabolite resulting from the action of sterol 27-hydroxylase on cholesterol. Concentrations of 27-hydroxycholesterol are elevated in patients with Alzheimers disease and mild...

  • DPN |ER beta agonist
    DPN (1428-67-7) is a potent estrogen ERβ receptor agonist. Displays a 70-fold selectivity over ERα, EC50 = 0.85 and 66 nM, respectively.1 Regulates expression of GluR1, 2 and 3 in rat hippocampus.2 Ameliorates...

  • Genistein | Tyrosine kinase inhibitor
    Genistein (446-72-0) is a naturally occurring flavonoid with a wide range of biological actions. Inhibits protein tyrosine kinases including epidermal growth factor receptor kinase.1,2 Phytoestrogen3 and agonist at GPR304...

  • Genistin | Genistein glycoside
    Genistin (529-59-9) is a novel selective inhibitor of terminal deoxyribonucleotidyl-transferase.1 Disrupts cell cycle and induces apoptosis in human ovarian cancer SK-OV-3 cells.2 Inhibits UV light-induced plasmid DNA damage...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling tech supplier, structure Tamoxifen citrate | ER Antagonist; GPR30 agonist | CAS 54965-24-1
    Tamoxifen citrate (54965-24-1) is an estrogen receptor antagonist/partial agonist. Induces oxidative stress and apoptosis in estrogen receptor-negative cancer cell lines1. Displays neuroprotective effects in permanent focal...

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