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  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of Bexarotene | Retinoid RXR agonist | CAS 153559-49-0
    Bexarotene (153559-49-0) is a highly potent and selective retinoid X receptor (RXR) agonist (EC50=28, 25, 20 nM for RXRα, β, γ respectively).1 Clinically useful antineoplastic agent for cutaneous T-cell...

  • Methoprene Acid | Selective RXR agonist
    Methoprene Acid (53093-52-7) is an analog of insect juvenile hormone which acts as an insect growth regulator. Binds directly and selectively to the retinoid X receptor (RXR) acting as a transcriptional activator in both...