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  • Grapiprant | EP4 Receptor antagonist
    Grapiprant (415903-37-6) is a potent (Ki = 13 nM for human and 20 nM for rat) and selective prostaglandin EP4 receptor antagonist.1 It produces antihyperalgesic effects in animal models of pain, and has significant...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling tech supplier, structure of SC-51089 | Prostaglandin E2 (EP1) antagonist | CAS 146033-02-5
    SC-51089 (146033-02-5) is a prostaglandin E2 (EP1 receptor) antagonist (pA2=6.5, guinea pig ileum muscle strip assay )1,4. Possesses analgesic activity in vivo (rodent ED50= 6.8 mg/kg)1,2,4. SC-51089 does not inhibit COX11...