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  • Focus Biomolecules reagent supplier, chemical structure of (+/-) RK-682 | Tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor | CAS 150627-37-5
    RK-682 (150627-37-5) is a protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor (IC50's = 54 7mu;M for CD45, 2.0 μM for VHR; did not inhibit cdc25B) originally isolated from the fermentation of Streptomyces sp. 88-682.1 Inhibits cell...

  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of Dihydrosphingosine | PKC inhibitor, Sphingosine precursor | CAS 764-22-7
    Dihydrosphingosine (764-22-7) is a biosynthetic precursor of sphingosine. Inhibitor of protein kinase C1 and phospholipases A2 and D2. References/Citations1) Merrill et al. (1989), Structural requirements for long-chain...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, chemical structure NOBA | Phospholipase substrate | CAS 55894-52-5
    NOBA (55894-52-5) is a chromogenic substrate for phospholipases such as PLA2. Read absorbance at 425 nm. References/Citations1) Cho & Kezdy (1991), Chromogenic Substrates and assay of phospholipases A2; Methods Enzymol.,...

  • ONO-RS-082 | Phospholipase A2 inhibitor
    ONO-RS-082 (99754-06-0) is a reversible inhibitor of Ca2+-independent phospholipase A2 (PLA2), IC50=7 μM for guinea pig lung PLA2.1 Inhibits epinephrine-induced thromboxane production in platelets.1 Inhibition of PLA2 by...