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  • ALLN | Calpain inhibitor
    ALLN (110044-82-1) is a cell-permeable, peptide aldehyde inhibitor of calpain I (Ki=190 nM), calpain II (Ki=150 nM), cathepsin L (Ki=0.5 nM) and other neutral cysteine proteases.1 Inhibits cell cycle progression at G1/S and...

  • E-64 |  66701-25-5 | Structure | Supplier
    E-64 (66701-25-5) is a cell-permeable, epoxysuccinyl peptide irreversible inhibitor of calpain and other cysteine proteases.1,2 Inhibits calpain-dependent apoptosis pathway in T cells3 but promotes heat-induced apoptosis in...

  • MG-132 | 133407-82-6 | Structure | Supplier
    MG-132 (133407-82-6) is a specific inhibitor of the chymotrypsin-like activity of the 20S proteasome (IC50=100 nM with Z-LLL-AMC as substrate).1 Also inhibits calpain (IC50=1.25 μM).1 Suppresses gastric cancer cell...

  • PD-150606 | 179528-45-1 | Structure | Supplier
    PD-150606 (179528-45-1) is a selective, cell-permeable non-peptide calpain inhibitor (Ki for μ- and m-calpains = 0.21 and 0.37 μM respectively). Acts at the calcium binding site of calpain rather than the...

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