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  • NSC-66811 | 6964-62-1 | Structure | Supplier
    NSC-66811 (6964-62-1) is a novel inhibitor of the MDM2-p53 interaction. Mimics three p53 residues involved in binding to MDM2. NSC-66811 binds to MDM2 with a Ki of 120 nM. Activates p53 in cancer cells. Cell permeable...

  • NSC59984 | p53 activator
    NSC59984 (803647-40-7) is a p53 activator.  Restores wild-type p53 signaling and depletes mutant p53 gain of function. Induces mutant p53 protein degradation via MDM2 and ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. Induces...

  • Nutlin-3 | 548472-68-0 | Structure | Supplier
    Nutlin-3 (548472-68-0) is an MDM2 antagonist; inhibits the MDM2-p53 interaction (IC50 = 0.09 μM) and activates p531. Nutlin-3 displays antiproliferative activity and induces apoptosis in a variety of tumor cells...

  • SL-01 | 26049-94-5 | Structure | Supplier
    SL-01 (26049-94-5) inhibits the p53-MDM2 interaction (20 μM). Has also been shown to inhibit bovine chymotrypsin A-γ. References/Citations1) Li et al. (2011), A cell-based high-throughput assay for the screening of...

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