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Spin Traps

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  • CYPMPO | Spin trap
    CYPMPO (934182-09-9) is a free radical spin-trap with hydroxyl and superoxide free radical trapping capabilities similar to DEPMPO (Cat.# 10-4502). Better solubility and increased half-life in aqueous buffers can give CYPMPO...

  • DEPMPO | Spin trap
    DEPMPO (157230-67-6) is a spin trap capable of detecting oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and carbon-centered free radicials both in vitro and in vivo. DEPMPO is useful for distinguishing between superoxide-dependent pathways of...

  • DIPPMPO | Spin Trap
    DIPPMPO (157230-67-6) is a more lipophilic analog of the widely used spin trap agent DEPMPO.1 It displays similar efficiency to DEPMPO in trapping various free radicals. Superoxide and hydroxyl adducts are slightly more...

  • DMPO | Spin trap
    DMPO (3317-61-1) is a hydrophilic spin trap for superoxide, O-, C-, S- and N-centered free radicals. DMPO is useful for both in vivo and in vitro studies. Cell Permeable. References/Citations1) Nishizawa et al. (2004),...

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