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  • Deguelin | Akt inhibitor
    Deguelin (522-17-8) inhibits Akt.1,2 Induces apoptosis in a variety of cells.2,3 Displays cancer chemopreventive activity.4 Deguelin is cell permeable and active in vivo. References/Citations1) Chun et al...

  • Enzastaurin | PKC inhibitor
    Enzastaurin (170364-57-5) is a potent and selective PKCβ inhibitor.  IC50 = 6, 39, 83 and 110 nM, for PKCβ, PKCα, PKCγ and PKCε respectively.1 Induces apoptosis in multiple myeloma cell...

  • GDC-0941 | pan-PI3K inhibitor
    GDC-0941 (957054-30-7) is a potent and selective inhibitor of class I phosphatidylinositol-3-kinases (PI3K) with significant antitumor activity – IC50’s: PI3Kα = 3nM, PI3Kβ = 33 nM, PI3Kδ = 3 nM,...

  • NSC-47924 | PHLP phosphatase inhibitor / Laminin inhibitor
    A potent inhibitor of the Leucine-rich repeat protein phosphatase (PHLPP) an enzyme which is a negative regulator of Akt and PKC (IC50=4 μM).1 Increases AKT signaling in cells and prevents apoptosis. Also inhibits the 67...

  • PIT-1 | 53501-41-0 | Structure | Supplier
    PIT-1 (53501-41-0) is a PH domain antagonist. Specifically blocks the binding of PIP3 to the Akt pleckstrin homology domain (IC50 = 31 mM). Suppresses PI3K-PDK1-Akt-dependent phosphorylation. Induces apoptosis in...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, chemical structure of SC-79 | AKT activator | CAS 305834-79-1
    Akt activator. Binds to the pleckstrin homology domain of Akt preventing membrane translocation but paradoxically activating it in the cytosol. Enhances Akt phosphorylation by upstream protein kinases. Suppresses...

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