Small G-proteins

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  • GTPase

    MLS-532223 | GTPase inhibitor

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    MLS-532223 is a high-affinity selective inhibitor of Rho family GTPases (EC50=10 μM). It inhibits EGF-stimulated Rac1 activation (3-10 μM). Cell pe...
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  • GTPase

    MLS-573151 | Cdc42 inhibitor

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    MLS-573151 (10179-57-4) is a potent and specific inhibitor of Cdc42 a small GTPase of the Rho-subfamily (IC50=2 μM).1 A useful agent fpr probing th...
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  • Cholinergics

    NSC-23766 | Rac1 GTPase inhibitor

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  • Autophagy

    Salirasib | Ras inhibitor

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    Salirasib (162520-00-5) is a synthetic farnesylcysteine mimetic that inhibits ras proteins1,2 via disruption of interactions between the S-Prenyl m...
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  • Apoptosis

    Sulindac Sulfide | NFkappaB inhibitor

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    Sulindac sulfide (32004-67-4) is the active metabolite of cyclooxygenase inhibitor sulindac.1 Strongly inhibits Ras induced malignant transformatio...
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