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  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, chemical structure of 6BIO | GSK-3 inhibitor | CAS 667463-62-9
    6BIO (667463-62-9) is a potent and selective inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) IC50=5 nM.1 The first pharmacological agent shown to maintain self-renewal in human and mouse embryonic stem cells...

  • Focus Biomolecules cell signaling reagent supplier, structure of CHIR-99021 | GSK3 beta inhibitor | CAS 252917-06-9
    CHIR-99021 (252917-06-9) is a potent and selective inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK3β, IC50 = 5 nM) and GSK3α (IC50 = 10 nM)1. Induces osteoblastogenesis, increases mineralization and inhibits...

  • ID-8 | DYRK Inhibitor
    ID-8 (147591-46-6) enhances stem cell proliferation and protects pluripotency in culture.1 Inhibits Dual-specificity tyrosine phosphorylation-regulated kinase (DYRK).2 References/Citations1) Miyabayashi et al. (2008),...

  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of ISX9 | Neurogenic differentiation inducer | CAS 832115-62-5
    ISX9 (832115-62-5) promotes neurogenesis in vivo enhancing the proliferation and differentiation of hippocampal subgranular zone neuroblasts and enhances memory.1 Induces robust neuronal differentiation in adult neural...

  • Prostratin | Promotes neuro-regeneration
    Prostratin (60857-08-1) is a terpenoid, non-tumorigenic PKC activator isolated from Pimelia prostrata.1,2 Induces differentiation of human myeloid leukemia cells and potentiates differentiation by chemotherapeutic agents.3...

  • SB-431542 | ALK4,5 and 7 inhibitor
    SB-431542 (301836-41-9) is a potent and selective ALK4, ALK5 and ALK7 inhibitor (TGFβ superfamily Type I activin receptor-like kinase). (ALK5 IC50 = 94 nM)1,2. Inhibits TGFβ-induced proliferation of human...

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