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  • Cytochalasin D | Disrupts actin filaments
    Cytochalasin D (22144-77-0) is a potent inhibitor of actin polymerization which also causes the disruption of actin filaments. More potent that cytochalasin B (10-fold) and does not inhibit monosaccharide transport across...

  • DMOG | Inhibits prolyl hydroxylase domain-containing proteins
    DMOG (89464-63-1) inhibits PHD or prolyl hydroxylase domain-containing proteins, activating HIF1α1,2 and inhibiting JMJD2A (IC50 = 2.5 μM)3. Displays neuroprotective effects. Inhibits neuronal cell death caused by...

  • Flavopiridol HCl | CDK inhibitor
    Flavopiridol HCl (131740-09-5) is a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor that causes cell cycle arrest at G1 and G2 phase.1 Potentiates (100-200 nM) PMA-induced apoptosis in HL-60 and U937 cells.2 Potentiates the effects...

  • Leptomycin B | Nuclear export inhibitor
    Leptomycin B (87081-35-4) is an inhibitor of nuclear export of proteins. Acts via covalent binding to and inhibiting CRM1/exportin-11. Inhibits the nuclear export of the HIV regulatory protein Rev2. Leptomycin B stabilizes...

  • Myriocin | Blocks sphingolipid biosynthesis
    Myriocin (35891-70-4) is a fungal metabolite with potent immunosuppressant activity.1 It inhibits serine palmitoyltransferase (Ki = 0.28 nM) blocking the synthesis of ceramide.2 Myriocin was found to suppress melanoma cell...

  • Pifithrin alpha | p53 inhibitor
    Pifithrin α (63208-82-2) is a reversible inhibitor of p53-mediated transcription and p53-dependent apoptosis. Enhances survival after genotoxic stress and protects against chemotherapeutic side-effects in mice.1,2...

  • Pifithrin mu | Hsp70 inhibitor
    Pifithrin μ (64984-31-2) selectively interacts with HSP70 and disrupts its association with co-chaperones and substrate proteins. Inhibits p53 binding to antiapoptotic proteins Bcl-xL and Bcl-2. Pifithrin μ rescues...

  • SL-01 | 26049-94-5 | Structure | Supplier
    SL-01 (26049-94-5) inhibits the p53-MDM2 interaction (20 μM). Has also been shown to inhibit bovine chymotrypsin A-γ. References/Citations1) Li et al. (2011), A cell-based high-throughput assay for the screening of...

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