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Sulfasalazine | Anti-inflammatory / antibiotic

Sulfasalazine (599-79-1) is an approved drug with diverse potential applications. Sulfasalzine is a clinically useful agent for the treatment of colitis and ileocolitis.1 It is metabolized by intestinal bacteria to release the anti-inflammatory agent 5-aminosalicylic acid and the antibacterial agent sulfapyridine. It has also been found to be a specific inhibitor of NFκB (IC50 = 500 μM)2, inhibitor of IL-2 production of activated T lymphocytes3 and, TNFα and IL-1 synthesis in macrophages4. Sulfasalazine has more recently been shown to be inhibitor of the system Xc- cystine-glutamate antiporter.5,6 It was able to block cystine uptake causing depletion of glutathione resulting in compromised cellular redox defense and ultimately cessation of tumor growth. It has been studied for the treatment of breast, pancreatic, lymphoma, brain and other cancers.

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2) Wahl et al. (1998), Sulfasalazine: a potent and specific inhibitor of nuclear factor kappa B; J. Clin. Invest., 101 1163
3) Sheldon et al. (1988), Effect of sulphasalazine and its metabolites on mitogen induced transformation of lymphocytes Ð clues to its clinical action?; Br. J. Rheumatol., 27 344
4) Fujiwara et al. (1990), Inhibition of proliferation responses and interleukin 2 production by salazosulfapyridine and its metabolites; Jpn. J. Pharmacol., 54 121
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6) Patel et al. (2004), Differentiation of substrate and non-substrate inhibitors of transport system Xc - :an obligate exchanger of L-glutamate and L-cystine; Neuropharmacol., 46 273

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Catalog Number:
Anti-inflammatory / antibiotic
Chemical Name:
2-Hydroxy-5-{{4-[(2-pyridinylamino)sulfonyl]phenyl}azo}benzoic acid
Molecular Weight:
Molecular Formula:
Soluble in DMSO (up to 25 mg/ml).
Physical Properties:
Orange solid
NMR (Conforms)
Storage Temperature:
Stable for 1 year as supplied. Solutions in DMSO may be stored at -20° for up to 1 month.
Shipping Code:
Materials provided by Focus Biomolecules are for laboratory research use only and are not intended for human or veterinary applications.

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