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New Products
SM-88 (30625-05-9) is a “dysfunctional” tyrosine mimetic. It is taken up by cancer cells and disrupts tyrosine-mediated metabolic pathways includin...

V-9302 (1855871-76-9) is a selective inhibitor of the alanine-serine-cysteine transporter 2 (ASCT2 or SLC1A5; IC50 = 9.0 µM rat and 9.6 µM human).1...

Nitisinone (104206-65-7) is an inhibitor of 4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD; IC50 = 40 nM1 and 173 nM2) and is in clinical use for the tr...

NG52 (212779-48-1) is an inhibitor of Cdc2-cyclin B (IC50 = 340 nM) as well as Cdc28p (IC50 = 7 µM) and Pho85p (IC50 = 2 µM).1 It inhibited phospho...

Firsocostat (1434635-54-7) is a potent (IC50 = 1.7 nM ACC1; 2.6 nM ACC2) allosteric protein-protein interaction inhibitor of acetyl-CoA carboxylase...

NDI-091143 (2375840-87-0) is a potent (IC50 = 2.1 nM ADP-Glo assay; 4.8 nM Oxaloacetate coupled enzyme assay) allosteric inhibitor of ATP-citrate l...

A939572 (1032229-33-6) is a potent stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 (SCD1) inhibitor (IC50s = mouse: <4 nM, human: 37 nM).1 Active in various cancer mo...

IM156 (1422365-93-2) is a potent activator of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) showing greater activity than metformin or AICAR.1 It displayed p...

Chroman 1 (1273579-40-0) is an extremely potent inhibitor of Rho kinase II (ROCK-II)1,2 – it displayed greater selectivity and potency compared to ...

GSK126 (1346574-57-9) is a potent, selective, S-adenosyl-methionine-competitive inhibitor of EZH2 methyltransferase, Ki=0.5-3 nM, >150-fold sele...

Calphostin C (121263-19-2) is a potent and specific inhibitor of protein kinase C (PKC, IC50 = 50 nM).1 Inhibition of PKC is light dependent2 and i...

10074-G5 (413611-93-5) inhibits c-Myc by disrupting c-Myc/Max heterodimer formation and inhibiting its transcriptional activity.1 10074-G5 binds to...

Homoharringtonine (26833-87-3) is a plant alkaloid, originally isolated from the Hainan plum yew, that binds to the large ribosomal subunit A-site,...

Mitapivat (1260075-17-9) is a potent (AC50 = 29 nM PKR; 37 nM PKM2; 33 nM PKL) allosteric activator of pyruvate kinase.1  In clinical use for the t...

ABT-737 (852808-04-9) is an inhibitor of anti-apoptotic proteins from the Bcl family: Bcl-2, Bcl-X(L), and Bcl-w (Ki < 1 nM) that causes regress...

Telaprevir (402957-28-2) is a Hepatitis C NS3/4A protease inhibitor that is in clinical use for genotype 1 infections (IC50 = 354 nM genotype 1b re...

BZ1 (2766623-38-3) is a potent (Kd = 6.3 nM; IC50 = 67 nM BPTF Alphascreen) inhibitor of the bromodomain PHD finger transcription factor (BPTF).  I...

Ponasterone A (13408-56-5) is a potent ecdysone agonist which elicits molting and metamorphosis in insects.1 Ponasterone A and related ecdysteroids...

CCG-4986 (7134-19-2) is the first selective non-peptide inhibitor of the regulator of G protein signaling protein subtype RGS4.1 It covalently2-3 m...

CBR-470-1 (2416095-06-0) is an activator of NRF2 signaling (EC50 ~ 1 µM cellular ARE-LUC assay).1 It inhibits phosphoglycerate kinase 1 leading to ...

Deucravacitinib (1609392-27-9) is very potent and selective allosteric inhibitor of tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2). It binds to and is selective for the ...

Honokiol (35354-74-6) is a natural product that acts as a SIRT3 activator. It increases mitochondrial oxygen consumption and reduces ROS production...

CBL0137 (1197996-80-7) is an anticancer agent that activates p53 and suppresses NF-kB via trapping of the FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription...

YM-58483 (223499-30-7) is a CRAC (calcium release-activated calcium) channel blocker1, a prototypic store-operated calcium channel2.  Inhibits anti...

Streptonigrin (3930-19-6) promotes heterochromatin formation at concentrations as low as 1 nM, a concentration at which there was no effect on prol...

Spastazoline (2351882-11-4) in as ATP-competitive inhibitor (IC50 = 99 nM) of the microtubule-severing AAA protein spastin.  It is selective agains...

MGD·Na (91840-27-6) forms a stable and water soluble nitric oxide spin-trapping complex with Fe2+.1,2 A useful reagent for the measurement of nitri...

GYY4137 (106740-09-4) is a water soluble hydrogen sulfide slow-releasing molecule.1 Rate of release at pH 7.4 and 37°C was 4.17 ± 0.5 nmol/25 min. ...

NG-497 (2598242-66-9) is the first small molecule inhibitor (IC50 = 1 µM) of human (and rhesus monkey) adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL).  It is i...

Emricasan (254750-02-2) is a liver-targeted antiapoptotic pan-caspase inhibitor.1,2 It has been investigated as a hepatoprotective agent in the tre...

Cercosporin (35082-49-6) is a perylenequinone from the fungus Cercospora kikuchii. Upon photo- activation, perylenequinones display almost universa...

FIN56 (1083162-61-1) is a novel inducer of ferroptosis acting via degradation of GPX4 and activation of squalene synthase (leading to CoQ10 depleti...

Luminespib (747412-493) is a potent inhibitor (IC50 = 21 nM) of HSP90.1 It is active against various human tumor xenograft models acting via severa...

Nocardamine (26605-16-3) is a bacterially produced siderophore1 which can act as an intracellular ion chelator2.  A cyclic analog of the ferroptosi...

C-DIM 8 (151358-47-3) is an antagonist of the orphan nuclear receptor Nur77 (NR4A1, TR3).1 Induces reactive oxygen species and ER stress in pancrea...

VE-821 (1232410-49-9) is a potent and selective ATP-competitive ATR (Ataxia-telangiectasia and Rad3-related protein) inhibitor, Ki=13 nM.1 Increase...

Tenovin-1 (380315-80-0) activates p53 via inhibition of SIRT1 and SIRT2.1,2 Induces apoptosis in a variety of cancer cell lines including cutaneous...

SRS16-86 (1793052-96-6) is a third generation ferrostatin derivative with greater metabolic and plasma stability for in vivo studies. It protected ...

RSL3 (1219810-16-8) Inhibits glutathione peroxidase (GPX4) inducing ferroptosis.1,2  Effectively induces ferroptosis in glioblastoma cells.3  Evero...

Brigatinib (1197953-54-0) is a  potent and selective pan-ALK inhibitor (IC50=0.6 nM).1 Cells with ALK mutation L1196Q2 and the double mutation I117...

P7C3-A20 (1235481-90-9) is a neuroprotective and proneurogenic agent acting via NAMPT stimulation.1 Displays neuroprotective and promotes endogenou...

EGA (415687-81-9) is a novel selective inhibitor of endosomal trafficking which blocks cellular entry of lethal toxin and other acid-dependent bact...

Z-Leu-Arg-AMC (156192-32-4) is a sensitive Cathepsin K fluorogenic substrate (Km=8µM, kcat/Km=4 x 105 M-1s-1)1-3. It is cleaved more slowly by the ...

Z-Phe-Arg-AMC (70382-26-2) is a fluorogenic substrate1 for the following cathepsins (kcat/Km in M-1s-1): B (105)2, C/DPP-I (104)3, F (106)4, K/O2 (...

HA-100·2HCl (85568-24-6) inhibits the following kinases  PKG (IC50=4 mM), PKA (IC50=8 mM), PKC (IC50=12 mM).1 Increases human fibroblast reprogramm...

UNC7145 (2561494-78-6) is a negative control for UNC6934, an inhibitor of protein lysine methyltransferase nuclear receptor-binding SET domain-cont...

SU0268 (2210228-45-6) is potent (IC50 = 59 nM) inhibitor of the DNA repair enzyme 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1).1,2 Selective versus other DN...

Deferasirox (201530-41-8) is a clinically useful iron chelator used in long term care of ß-thalassemia and other heavily transfused hematological p...

TH1760 (2567914-01-4) is a potent inhibitor (IC50 = 25 nM dGTP hydrolysis; 57 nM 6-thio-dGTP hydrolysis) of the NUDIX hydrolase NUDT15, an importan...

Cytochalasin B (14930-96-2) is a cell permeable fungal toxin which binds to the barbed end of actin, inhibiting its polymerization.1 Inhibits cell ...

UNC6934 (2561494-77-5) is a potent (IC50 = 104 nM) and selective inhibitor of protein lysine methyltransferase nuclear receptor-binding SET domain-...

CB-103 (218457-67-1) is an orally active inhibitor of the Notch signaling activation complex (IC50’s from 0.9 to 3.9 µM in various cell-based assay...

Jun9-72-2 (CAS 2657659-42-0) is potent inhibitor (IC50 = 670 nM) of SARS-CoV2 papain-like (PL) protease.  It showed potent antiviral activity in bo...

Adavosertib (955365-80-7) inhibits Wee1 tyrosine kinase (IC50 = 5.2 nM) thus preventing phosphorylation of CDC2 and abrogating the G2 DNA damage ch...

Sesamin (607-80-7) is a natural product derived from sesame seeds with anticancer1, antioxidant2, anti-inflammatory/immunomodulatory3, and antidiab...

BX795 (702675-74-9), originally described as a moderately potent inhibitor of PDK1 (IC50 = 111 nM)1, is, more importantly, a dual inhibitor of TBK1...

Aprepitant (170729-80-3) is a potent human neurokinin-1 (NK-1) antagonist.1  It is an FDA approved medication for the treatment of chemotherapy-ind...

BI 749327 (2361241-23-6) is a potent (IC50 = 13 nM mouse TRPC6, 19 nM human TRPC6) and selective (85-fold over TRPC3, 42-fold over TRC7) orally ava...

Bosutinib (380843-75-4) is an ATP-competitive dual Src/Abl kinase inhibitor (IC50 = 1 nM).1  It potently inhibits the apoptosis-linked STE20 kinase...

PLX5622 (1303420-67-8) is a highly selective (>20 fold over KIT and FLT3, >60 fold over 200 other kinases) and brain-penetrant inhibitor of c...

Vesatolimod (1228585-88-3) is a Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist (EC50 = 290 nM in a HEK293 cell line reporter assay; IFNα MEC 3 nM, 100 fold se...

Selonsertib (1448428-04-3) is a potent Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) inhibitor (pIC50 = 8.3)1 found to improve metabolic parameters i...

GSK6853 (1910124-24-1) is a very potent (pIC50 = 8.6 vs full length protein, 7.7 in cellular assays) inhibitor of Bromodomain and PHD Finger-contai...

Rasarfin (674359-73-0) is a dual inhibitor of Ras and ARF6 discovered by screening a library of over 115,000 small molecules employing an endosomal...

ICA-121431 (313254-51-2) is a selective Nav1.1/1.3 inhibitor (hIC50s = 23 and 13 nM respectively; also selective for dog, monkey, and mouse, but no...

BAY-1797 (2055602-83-8) is a selective P2X4 receptor antagonist (IC50 = 211 nM HEK cellular assay; P2X4 calcium influx based assays – hIC50 = 108 n...

A-438079 (899431-18-6) is a competitive P2X7 receptor antagonist (pIC50 = 6.9).1 Displayed antinociceptive effects in a rat model of neuropathic pa...

PF-05089771 (1235403-62-9) is a potent and selective inhibitor of the voltage gated sodium channel 1.7 (Nav1.7).1,3  It is a state-dependent inhibi...

1G244 (847928-32-9) is a potent and selective inhibitor of the prolyl dipeptidases DPP8 (IC50 = 14 nM) and DPP9 (IC50 = 53 nM).1,2  It does not inh...

PNF1 (10442-95-2) is a novel small molecule inducer of angiogenesis which has been shown to be useful in tissue engineering applications.1 In a sus...

AR7 (80306-38-3) is an atypical retinoid which acts as an RARα antagonist and activates chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) via an RAR-dependent pat...

GW788388 (452342-67-5) is a potent inhibitor of TGF-β receptor kinases ALK4, ALK5 (IC50=18 nM), ALK7, and TGFβRII, but not BMP type II receptor kin...

KNK437 (218924-25-5) Inhibits constitutive and inducible HSP70 expression in non-stressed1 and heat-stressed2 cancer cells. Blocks the geldanamycin...

L6H21 binds to MD-2 (myeloid differentiation protein-2, Kd=33.3 µM) and blocks its interaction with TLR4 (toll-like receptor 4) in LPS-stimulated c...

TPCA-1 (507475-17-4) selective inhibitor of IκB kinase 2 (IKK2) (IC50 = 17.9 nM).1 Inhibits production of pro-inflammatory cytokines in arthritis a...

BTB-1 (86030-08-2) is a  selective, ATP-competitive and reversible inhibitor of mitotic kinesin Kif18A, IC50=1.7 mM.1,2 Binds to an allosteric site...

Sulfopin (2451481-08-4) is a potent and selective covalent inhibitor of peptidyl-prolyl isomerase NIMA interacting-1 (Pin1) (Ki = 17 nM).1 Although...

SRT1720 (1001645-58-4) is a SIRT1 activator (EC1.5 = 0.16 µM, max activation = 781%).1 It reduced glucose levels and hyperinsulinemia in DIO, Lepob...

Ki8751 (228559-41-9) is a very potent (IC50 = 0.9 nM) inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR-2).1 It also inhibited PDGF...

GSK2656157 (1337532-29-2) is a potent (IC50 = 0.9 nM) and selective (over 300 kinases) inhibitor of protein kinase RNA-like endoplasmic reticulum k...

Xanomeline tartrate (152854-19-8) functionally-selective M1 muscarinic receptor agonist, EC50=0.3, 92.5, 5, 52 and 42 nM for M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5 ...

Liproxstatin-1 (950455-15-9) is an inhibitor of ferroptosis (IC50 = 22 nM).1 It was able to mitigate tissue injury in a mouse model of hepatic isch...

GSK2982772 (1622848-92-3) is a highly selective inhibitor of Receptor-interacting Protein 1 kinase (RIP1); IC50 = 1.6 nM.1 Novel anti-inflammatory ...

AS-1949490 (1203680-76-5) is a  potent and selective inhibitor of the intracellular phosphatase SHIP2 (SH2 domain-containing inositol 5'-phosphatas...

Extracts of Inula which contain tomentosin (33649-15-9) have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for the treatment of inflammation.1 It...

SR-717 (2375421-09-1) is a cell permeable and exceptionally selective STING agonist (IC50 = 7.8 µM).  It displayed robust antitumor activity in B16...

MAC-545496 (838810-96-1) is an inhibitor of glycopeptide-resistance-associated protein R (GraR, also known as ApsR).  GraR and its regulatory syste...

ML300 is a selective non-covalent inhibitor of SARS-CoV 3CL protease (IC50 = 4.11 µM).1,2 References: Turlington et al. (2012) Non-covalent...

GS-441524 (1191237-69-0) is the parent nucleoside and active metabolite of the SARS-CoV2 drug remdesivir.  Displayed broad spectrum antiviral activ...

SX-682 is a novel CXCR1/2 inhibitor (IC50s: CXCR1 = 42 nM, CXCR2 = 20 nM).1 It displayed robust synergistic activity with immune checkpoint blockad...

AE 51310 (433966-92-8) is a potent antagonist of the GPCR OPN4/melanopsin (Ki = 0.096 nM human OPN4).1 OPN4 regulates circadian rhythms, pupil func...

Ipatasertib (1001264-89-6) is a selective (against a panel of 230 kinases) and potent pan-Akt inhibitor (IC50s: Akt1 = 5 nM, Akt2 = 18 nM, Akt3 = 8...

BO-264 (2408648-20-2) is a potent (IC50 = 188 nM) inhibitor of transforming acidic coiled-coil 3 (TACC3), an important protein involved in microtub...

GPR84 is an orphan G protein-coupled receptor that is activated by medium-chain fatty acids and hydroxy fatty acids although these may not be its e...

IM-12 (1129669-05-1) is a potent and selective inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase 3ß  (GSK-3ß) IC50=53 nM which induces neuronal differentiation...

Locostatin (133812-16-5) inhibits cell migration by disrupting the interaction between Raf kinase inhibitor protein (RKIP) and Raf-1 kinase.1 Locos...

Cepharanthine (481-49-2) is a  naturally occurring alkaloid from Stephania cepharantha Hayata which possesses a number of pharmacological activitie...

Velpatasvir (1377049-84-7) is an extremely potent pan-genotypic hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A inhibitor.1 It is a component of Epclusa® and Vosevi®,...

Darunavir (206361-99-1) is a very potent (IC50 = 3 nM against lab HIV-1 strains and clinical isolates) HIV-1 protease inhibitor that is in clinical...

R-59022 (93076-89-2) is a diacylglycerol kinase (DAGK) inhibitor, nonselective for DAGK isotypes (IC50=2.8 µM in intact platelets).1 Induces autoph...

Canagliflozin (842133-18-0) is a potent inhibitor of the sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2), IC50 = 2.2 nM, selective over SGLT1, IC5...

2-AAPA (1133387-90-2) inhibits glutathione reductase and thioredoxin reductase,IC50s=6.7 and 8.7 µM respectively, and impairs mitochondrial functio...

Cedrol is a sesquiterpene alcohol found in conifers mainly of the genera Cupressus, Juniperus, and Cedrus. It has been found to possess significant...

LNT 1 (824983-91-7) is a potent (IC50 = 11 nM) inhibitor of flap endonuclease 1 (FEN1).1 It showed similar potency in inhibiting exonuclease 1 (EXO...

TTA-P2 (918430-49-6) is a potent (IC50 = 100 nM), specific, and reversible antagonist of T-type calcium channels with no activity at high voltage c...

Saracatinib (379231-04-6) is a potent and selective inhibitor of Src family kinases, IC50=4-10 nM for Src, c-Yes, Fyn, Lyn, Blk, Fgr and Lck.1 Demo...

Chromomycin A3 (7059-24-7) is a DNA-binding agent specific for GC-rich sequences1 which may be used as a DNA stain2. Inhibits neuronal apoptosis in...

Filgotinib (1206161-97-8) is a potent and selective JAK1 inhibitor (IC50s=10, 28, 810 and 116 nM for JAK1, JAK2, JAK3 and TYK2 respectively).2  Dis...

NQDI-1 (175026-96-7) is a potent and selective inhibitor of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1), Ki = 500 nM.1 Promotes survival of induced...

SB-705498 (501951-42-4) is a potent and selective blcoker of the TRPV1 receptor (IC50’s for receptor induction method: Capsaicin = 3 nM; Acid (pH5....

Readily oxidized in vivo to free radical forms, which destroy the stable tyrosyl free radical of the metalloenzyme ribonucleotide reductase, suppre...

SM-164 (957135-43-2) is a cell-permeable Smac (DIABLO) mimetic that inhibits caspase blockers XIAP, cIAP1, and cIAP2 (Ki = 36, <1, and <1.9 n...

Pyridone 6 (457081-03-7) is a potent, ATP-competitive pan-JAK inhibitor. Inhibits 1, 2 and 3 (IC50=1, 5 and 15 nM respectively) as well as JAK fami...

Belumosudil (911417-87-3) is a selective inhibitor of Rho kinase 2 (ROCK2) – IC50’s: ROCK2 = 105 nM, ROCK1 = 24 µM in enzyme assays.1 It downregula...

Gilteritinib (1254053-43-4) is a potent inhibitor of FLT3 (IC50 = 5 nM, wild-type FLT3) with more potent activity against all FLT3 mutants.1 It als...

C6-NBD Ceramide (94855-02-6) is a selective stain for the Golgi apparatus.1 Readily taken up by MDCK cells and converted into C6-NBD-sphingomyelin ...

Fulvestrant (129453-61-8) is a 17β-estradiol analog that acts as an estrogen receptor (ER) antagonist and GPR30/GPER agonist with high binding affi...

CR8 (294646-77-8) is a second generation analog of roscovitine which inhibits cyclin-dependent kinases with increased potency, Cdk1/cyclin B, Cdk2/...

GAC Inhibitor 968 (311795-38-7) is an allosteric inhibitor of glutaminase C (GAC).1 Inhibition of GAC blocks oncogenic transformation induced by Rh...

Gliotoxin (67-99-2) is a fungal metabolite with immunosuppressive properties; blocks phagocytosis, cytokine production and proliferation of T and B...

Isopimaric acid (5835-26-7) is a terpenoid acid that activates BK (voltage-gated potassium) channels when used at 10 µM in HEK293 cells.1 Improves ...

SGI-1027 (1020149-73-8) is a potent and selective inhibitor of DNA methyl transferase inhibiting DNMT1, DNMT3A and DNMT3B with comparable potency (...

5-Thio-D-glucose (20408-97-3) is a potent competitive inhibitor of the cellular transport of glucose and glucose-mediated insulin release.1 May be ...

A nitric oxide (NO) scavenger.  Carboxy-PTIO (148819-94-7) reacts with NO with 1:1 stoichiometry1 producing NO2-/NO3-.   In LPS-induced endotoxin s...

GPR142 is highly expressed in the pancreas and immune system and shares 33% homology with GPR139.1 Endogenous agonists identified to date include a...

RITA (reactivation of p53 and induction of tumor cell apoptosis, 213261-59-7) binds to p53 (Kd = 1.5 nM), changing its conformation, preventing it ...

EHNA (51350-19-7) inhibits phosphodiesterase 2 (PDE2) (IC50 = 0.8 – 5.5 µM in a variety of tissues and species) over PDE1, PDE3, or PDE4 (IC50 valu...

SKA-31 (40172-65-4) is a KCa3.1 and KCa2 potassium channel activator (EC50 =260, 2900, 2900 nM for KCa3.1, KCa2.1 and KCa2.2 respectively). Enhance...

Biotin-isoxazole (1377605-22-5) precipitates hundreds of RNA-binding proteins with significant overlap to the constituents of RNA granules.1,2 In o...

Apilimod (541550-19-0) is a potent (IC50 = 10 nM IFN-g/LPS-stimulated human PMBC’s; IC50 = 1 nM in IFN-g/SAC-stimulated human PMBC’s) IL-12/IL-23 i...

Metolazone (17560-51-9) activates mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRMT) and -increases C. elegans lifespan.4 Clinically useful diuretic t...

The ß-cyclodextrin complex of Mitoquinone mesylate is an easier to use, less deliquescent form of the useful mitochondrial antioxidant Mitoquinone....

PFI-3 (1819363-80-8) is a selective inhibitor of family VIII bromodomains PB1(5), SMARCA2, and SMARCA4.1 It showed complete selectivity over all no...

JQ1 (+) (1268524-70-4) is a potent BET bromodomain inhibitor and is the active isomer.   IC50 = 17.7, 32.6, 76.9 and 12942 nM respectively for BRD2...

Ceapin-A7 (2323027-38-7) is a selective inhibitor (IC50 = 590 nM) of transcription factor ATF6α, one of the three branches of the unfolded protein ...

Saxagliptin (709031-78-7) is a clinically useful DPPIV inhibitor for the treatment of diabetes.1  Human DPP-IV Ki = 0.6 nM.2 References: Ta...

Belnacasan (273404-37-8) is a prodrug of VRT-043198, a potent (Ki = 0.8 nM ICE/caspase-1; <0.6nM caspase-4) and selective inhibitor of interleuk...

Enzalutamide (915087-33-1) is a clinically useful non-steroidal antiandrogen (IC50 = 36 nM) for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate canc...

WP631 is a novel bisintercalating anthracycline. Potent inhibitor of Sp1-activated transcription.1,2 Induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in human o...

CCT251236 (1693731-40-6) is an inhibitor of the Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 (HSF1) stress pathway (IC50 = 19 nM Inhibition HSF-1 mediated HSP...

AZD-2098 (566203-88-1) is a potent, orally bioavailable antagonist of CCR4 (pIC50 = 7.8(h), 8.0(r), 8.0(m), 7.6(d)).1 Inactive at CXCR1/2, CCR1, CC...

PTC-209 (315704-66-6) is an inhibitor of BMI-1 (IC50 = 500 nM), part of the polycomb repressive complex 1 (PCR1).1  It inhibited endogenous BMI-1 e...

PB28 (172907-03-8) is a very potent high affinity (Ki = 5.3 nM1, 0.34 nM2) σ2 agonist.  Selective for σ2 over σ1 (approx 30-40x).1,2 PB28 inhibited...

Thiolutin (87-11-6) inhibits the deubiquitinating (DUB) activity of PSMD14 exhibiting potent antitumor activity in neck squamous cell carcinoma in ...

MDL-800 (2275619-53-7) is an allosteric activator of SIRT6 (EC50 = 10.3 µM).1 It specifically activates the deacetylase (H3K9ac and H3K56ac) activi...

Buparlisib (944396-07-0) is potent pan-Class I PI3-kinase inhibitor (IC50’s: p110α = 52 nM, p110ß = 166 nM, p110δ = 116 nM. P110g = 262 nM).1,2 It ...

Autogramin-2 (2375541-45-8) is an inhibitor of autophagy (autophagy induced by amino acid starvation IC50 = 270 nM; Rapamycin IC50 = 140 nM) acting...

Ganetespib (888216-25-9) is an inhibitor of heat shock protein 90 (IC50 = 19 nM, canine C2 malignant mast cells; 4 nM, canine BR malignant mast cel...

CDN1163 (892711-75-0) is an allosteric activator of the sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA).1,2  It lowered fasting glucose levels, imp...

BIIB021 is a potent HSP90 inhibitor (IC50 = 30 nM HER-2 degradation).1 It inhibited the proliferation of MCF7 and BT474 breast cancer cell lines (I...

Glumetinib (1642581-63-2) is a highly selective (2400-fold selectivity against a panel of 312 kinases) and potent (IC50 = 0.42 nM) inhibitor of c-M...

GSK8612 (2361659-62-1) is a highly selective and potent (avg. pIC50 = 6.8 versus recombinant TBK1) inhibitor of Tank-binding Kinase-1 (TBK1) with h...

NVP-231 (362003-83-6) is a reversible inhibitor of ceramide kinase (IC50 = 12 nM).1 At 10 nM, it inhibited ceramide-1-phosphate formation by >50...

PBD-150 (790663-33-1) is an inhibitor of human glutaminyl cyclase (IC50 = 60 nM).1 PBD-150 diminished Ab plaque formation and gliosis while improvi...

TASIN-1 (1678515-13-3) selectively induces apoptosis in cells with truncations in the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene (but not normal cells o...

GRL-0667 (1234195-91-5) is a potent (IC50 = 320 nM) noncovalent inhibitor of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus papain-like protease (SA...

Bepridil (74764-40-2) is a clinically useful calcium channel blocker with antianginal activity.1 It has recently been shown to possess potent activ...

DAPI (28718-90-3) is a fluorescent DNA stain for use on fixed cells for applications such as imaging, mitochondrial DNA detection1, or nuclear quan...

Isohelenin (470-17-7) is a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Mexican Indian medicinal plants known to have anti-inflammatory properties. A potent...

CID1067700 (314042-01-8) is a specific competitive inhibitor of nucleotide binding to Rab7, an endosome-localized small GTPase.1 It interferes with...

PI-103 (371935-74-9) is a potent inhibitor of PI-3 kinase, mTOR and DNA-PK, IC50 = 8, 88, 150, 48,  20, 83 and 2 nM for p110α, p110ß, p110γ, p110δ,...

RU.521 (2262452-06-0) is an inhibitor of cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS), an important innate immune system sensor of foreign cytoplasmic double-str...

ABX-1431 (1446817-84-0) is a potent (IC50 = 14 nM in vitro, 2.2 nM in human PC3 cells) and very selective (>100-fold over hABHD6, >200-fold o...

Flumazenil (78755-81-4) is a benzodiazepine antagonist1, panspecific for α1, α2, α3 or α5-containing GABAA receptors2.  Reduces withdrawal sequelae...

Verteporfin (129497-78-5) inhibits transcription by YAP/TAZ, IC50 = 2.5 µM, (via disruption of YAP-TEAD interaction) inhibiting autophagy and halti...

DJ001 (2161306-12-8) is a potent and specific inhibitor of receptor type protein tyrosine phosphatase-sigma (PTPσ) IC50=1.54 µM and >10 µM for 2...

KL101 (396721-89-4) is an isoform-selective stabilizer of the circadian clock protein CRY1.  It dose-dependently lengthened the circadian period in...

TH301 (450338-32-6) is an isoform-selective stabilizer of the circadian clock protein CRY2.  It dose-dependently lengthened the circadian period in...

Mitoquinone mesylate (845959-50-4) is a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant.  Displays cardio- and neuroprotective effects.1 Displays beneficial effe...

Picotamide (32828-81-2) is an antiplatelet agent that inhibits both thromboxane A2 and thromboxane A2 synthase.1-3 References/Citations: Mo...

test product

Torin1 (1222998-36-8) is a potent and selective ATP-competitive mTOR inhibitor, IC50=2 and 10 nM for mTORC1 and mTORC2 respectively.1,2 Active in v...

URMC-099 (1229582-33-5) is a potent (IC50 = 14 nM), brain penetrant mixed-lineage kinase 3 inhibitor (MLK3). It also potently inhibits FLT3 (4 nM i...

Guggulsterone-(Z) (39025-23-5) is a natural steroid from Commiphora mukul extract (guggulipid) which lowers cholesterol and acts as an FXR antagoni...

Remodelin (949912-58-7) is a potent and selective inhibitor of N-acetyltransferase 10 (NAT10) which is capable of acetylating microtubules and hist...

TIC10 (1616632-77-9) is novel anti-cancer compound that acts via early-stage integrated stress response activation leading to selective cancer cell...

GKT-137831 (1218942-37-0) is an NADPH oxidase, NOX1/4 inhibitor (Ki = 100-150 nM).1  Inhibits erastin-stimulated ROS production.2 Potentiates immun...

Ritonavir (155213-67-5) is a clinically useful HIV-1/HIV-2 protease inhibitor.1 Potent inhibitor of cytochrome P450 3A4.2,3 References/Citations...

Oseltamivir phosphate (204255-11-9) is a potent viral neuraminidase inhibitor and a clinically useful treatment for influenzas A and B.1,2 Oseltami...

Tiagabine (145821-59-6) is a clinically useful anticonvulsant.1 It is also used to treat anxiety/panic disorder2 and neuropathic pain3. Tiagabine i...

GRL-0617 (1093070-16-6) is a potent (IC50 = 600 nM) noncovalent inhibitor of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus papain-like protease (SA...

Nelfinavir mesylate (159989-65-8) is a clinically useful anti-HIV agent acting via inhibition of HIV-1 protease (Ki=2 nM).1 It also displays effica...

Prochlorperazine maleate (84-02-6) inhibits dynamin and clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME) with an IC50=5.8 µM for CME.1 Increases tumor cell anti...

Favipiravir (259793-96-9) is an inhibitor of Influenza viruses A, B, and C (IC50’s: A = 0.03-0.20 µg/mL H1N1, 0.01-0.30 H2N2, 0.08-0.48 H3N2, 0.14-...

Ponatinib (943319-70-8) is a highly potent pan-Bcr-Abl and multikinase inhibitor, suppressing the activity of native Bcr-Abl (IC50=0.37 nM) as well...

Tazemetostat (1403254-99-8) is a potent (Ki = 2.5nM wild type human PRC2-containing) and selective SAM-competitive inhibitor of the lysine methyltr...

GRL-0496 (1087243-14-8) is a potent (IC50 = 30 nM in cell culture assays) inhibitor of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus chymotrypsin-l...

Roxatidine (78273-80-0) is a novel histamine H2 receptor antagonist.1 Suppresses inflammatory responses via inhibition of NFκB and p38 MAPK activat...

Brequinar sodium (96201-88-6) is an inhibitor of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH)1,2 with IC50’s between 0.2 and 5.8 µM in various cell lines3 ...

Dihydroresveratrol (58436-28-5) is a metabolite of resveratrol produced by gut microbiota.1-3 Glucoronide conjugates are found in human urine after...

Scriptaid (287383-59-9) inhibits histone deacetylases (HDAC) 1 and 3 (IC50~0.6 μM) and HDAC8 (IC50~1 μM) and is less toxic compared to trichostatin...

N4-Hydroxycytidine (3258-02-4) was originally identified as a mutagen effecting AT to GC base-pair transitions.1 It has also been found to have ant...

Camostat mesilate (59721-29-8) is a serine protease inhibitor inhibiting plasmin, kallikrein, thrombin as well as trypsin, which attenuates pancrea...

PK150 (2165324-62-7) is a Sorafenib analog that displays significant antibacterial activity against several pathogenic strains (S.aureus NCTC8325, ...

DY131 (95167-41-2) is a selective agonist at estrogen-related receptors ERRβ and ERRγ with minimal activity at ERRα, ERα and ERβ at concentrations ...

Leelamine HCl (16496-99-4) is a lysosomotropic, intracellular cholesterol transport inhibitor with potential chemotherapeutic activity. Induces cho...

Santacruzamate A (1477949-42-0) is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of HDAC2 isolated from the Panamanian marine cyanobacterium cf. Symploca...

Fruquintinib (1194506-26-7) is a potent and highly selective inhibitor of VEGFR kinase (IC50’s: VEGFR1= 33 nM, VEGFR2 = 35 nM, VEGFR3 = 0.5 nM).1 I...

AZ20 (1233339-22-4) is a potent and highly selective inhibitor of Ataxia telangiectasia mutated and RAD3-related (ATR) kinase (IC50 = 5 nM in vitro...

AZD1152-HQPA (722544-51-6) is a potent and highly selective inhibitor of Aurora B.1 Aurora B Ki = 0.36 nM; Aurora A Ki = 1,369 nM.2 It inhibits the...

Lomeguatrib (192441-08-0) is a potent (IC50 = 9 nM) inhibitor of O6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase (MGMT), an important DNA repair protein.1 I...

Levetiracetam (102767-28-2) is a clinically useful non-classical anticonvulsant.1 It has no effect on voltage-dependent Na+ channels, GABAergic tra...

Tigecycline (220620-09-7) is a clinically useful antibiotic.1,2 It is a glycylcycline derivative of minocycline that binds to the 30S ribosomal sub...

Volasertib (755038-65-4) is an extremely potent and selective inhibitor (IC50’s: Plk1= 0.87 nM, Plk2 = 5 nM, Plk3 = 56 nM) of Polo-like kinase 1, a...

SNS-314 mesylate (1146618-41-8) is a potent and selective pan-Aurora kinase inhibitor (IC50’s: Aurora A = 9 nM, Aurora B = 31 nM, Aurora C = 3 nM)....

Elafibranor (923978-27-2) is a dual PPARα/δ agonist (EC50 PPARα = 10-20 nM; PPARδ = 100-150 nM).1 It was able to decrease plasma triglycerides leve...

Methoprene Acid (53093-52-7) is an analog of insect juvenile hormone which acts as an insect growth regulator. Binds directly and selectively to th...

NU7441 (503468-95-9) is a potent (IC50 = 13 nM) and selective ATP-competitive inhibitor of DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK).1,2 It increased t...

AZD7762 (860352-01-8, free base) is a potent and selective inhibitor of checkpoint kinases 1 and 2 (IC50 = 5 nM for both).1 It abrogates DNA damage...

AZ3146 (1124329-14-1) is a potent (IC50 = 35 nM) and selective monopolar spindle 1 (Mps1/TTK) kinase inhibitor.1 Mps1 has an essential role in the ...

NOTUM is a carboxylesterase which depalmitoylates Wnt proteins which results in disruption of Wnt signaling.1 NOTUMib-1 inhibits the carboxylestera...

MitoBloCK-12 (522-51-0) attenuates mitochondrial protein import (4-10 μM). Discovered in a screen of FDA-approved drugs. Blocks translocation of a ...

Two-pore domain potassium (K2P) channels of the TREK subfamily regulate neuronal excitability, influence pain, temperature perception and responses...

DO264 (2301866-59-9) is a potent, reversible competitive inhibitor of ABHD12 (α/β-hydrolase domain-containing 12) which shows negligible interactio...

N-Eicosanoyl serotonin is a natural product found in coffee which synergizes with caffeine in protecting the brain in models of α-synucleinopathy.1...

Pomalidomide (19171-19-8) is a thalidomide analog that inhibits cereblon (CRBN), an E3 ubiquitin ligase, IC50 ~3 μM for CRBN-DDB1 complex.1 Display...

Acalabrutinib (1420477-60-6) is a highly selective, potent (IC50 = 3 nM), and irreversible inhibitor of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK).1 Improved t...

Norfluoxetine HCl (57226-68-3) is a metabolite of fluoxetine.3 Induces long QT syndrome via slow delayed rectifier potassium current block.1 Time d...

Imiquimod (99011-02-6) is a Toll-like receptor 7/8 agonist with anti-viral and anti-tumor properties.1 Enhances innate immune system leading to Th1...

Rucaparib phosphate (459868-92-9) is a potent (Ki<5 nM) PARP1 inhibitor.1 Cytotoxic to human cancer cells or xenograft tumors with mutated or ep...

Ibrutinib (936563-96-1) is a very potent (IC50 = 0.5nM) irreversible inhibitor of Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) that blocks activation of the B-cell...

BI 2536 (755038-02-9) was originally reported as a potent (IC50’s Plk1 = 0.83nM, Plk2 = 3.5nM and Plk3 = 9.0nM)1 and selective2 Polo-like kinase in...

Resiniferatoxin (57444-62-9) is an ultrapotent TRPV1 activator (Ki=43 pM).1 Resiniferatoxin is 100-10,000 fold more potent than capsaicin for most ...



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