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  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of Ansamitocin P3 | Microtubule depolymerizer | CAS 66547-09-9
    Ansamitocin P3 (66547-09-9) is a fungal metabolite from Actinosynnema pretiosum which binds to the phomopsin A/rhizoxin site on tubulin.1,2 Ansamitocin P3 is a maytansine analog which displays potent cytotoxicity...

  • Colchicine | Microtubule depolymerizer
    Colchicine (64-86-8) is a naturally occurring alkaloid which acts as an antimitotic agent by binding to tubulin and depolymerizing microtubules. Colchicine induces apoptosis in a variety of cell lines...

  • Docetaxel | Microtubule stabilizing agent
    Docetaxel (114977-28-5) is an antimitotic chemotherapeutic which inhibits via reversible high-affinity binding to microtubules1. Induces apoptosis in a variety of cancer cell lines2 however, tumor cells can quickly develop...

  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of Epothilone B | Microtubule stabilizing agent | CAS 152044-54-7
    Epothilone B (152044-54-7) induces microtubule polymerization. Causes cell cycle arrest at the G2-M transition (EC50 = 32 nM for HeLa cells). Induces apoptosis. Cell permeable. References/Citations1) Goodin et al. (2004),...

  • Griseofulvin | Inhibitor of centrosomal clustering
    Griseofulvin (126-07-8) is an antifungal antimitotic agent. Induces apoptosis of human germ cell tumor cells via disruption of connexin 43/tubulin association concomitant with enhanced translocation of connexin 43 from the...

  • Nocodazole | Microtubule inhibitor
    Nocodazole (31430-18-9) is an antimitotic agent that disrupts microtubules by binding to β tubulin and thereby inhibiting microtubule dynamics, disruption of mitotic spindle function, and fragmentation of the Golgi...

  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of Taxol | Microtubule stabilizing agent | CAS 33069-62-4
    Taxol (33069-62-4) is a clinically useful cancer chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of breast, non-small cell lung and ovarian cancer.1 Taxol acts as a promoter of tubulin polymerization and stabilizes microtubules in...

  • Focus Biomolecules supplier, chemical structure of Vinblastine sulfate | Microtubule depolymerizer | CAS 143-67-9
    Vinblastine sulfate (143-67-9) is a semisynthetic alkaloidal anticancer agent. Induces cell cycle arrest at G2/M phase by inhibiting mitotic spindle formation.1 Inhibits normal microtubule assembly and induces aberrant...

  • Vincristine sulfate | Microtubule depolymerizer
    Vincristine sulfate (2068-78-2) arrests cell cycle at G2/M by interfering with mitotic spindle formation. Depolymerizes microtubules and blocks binding of tubulin to microtubule proteins.1,2 Induces apoptosis...

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