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Evodiamine | TRPV1 agonist, anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic

Evodiamine (518-17-2) is a quinolone alkaloid isolated from Evodia rutaecarpa.1 Evodia Rutaecarpa is a very popular herb used in traditional chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Evodiamine has been shown to elicit a variety of biological effects including induction of apoptosis, inhibiting cancer cell proliferation, promoting cell cycle arrest in G2/M, inhibiting invasion and metastasis of cancer cells, inhibiting angiogenesis, induction of oxidative stress and subsequent apoptosis and inhibition of NF-κB.2 It also functions as an agonist of TRPV1 (EC50 = 1.03 μM)3 and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent4.

1) Shoji et al. (1986) Isolation of evodiamine, a powerful cardiotonic principle, from Evodia Rutaecarpa Bentham (Rutaceae); J. Pharm. Sci. 75 612
2) Jiang and Hu et al. (2009) Evodiamine: A novel anti-cancer alkaloid from Evodia rutaecarpa; Molecules, 14 1852
3) Pearce et al. (2004) Evodiamine functions as an agonist for the vanilloid receptor; Org. Biomol. Chem., 2 2281
4) Choi et al. (2006) Anti-inflammatory principles from the fruits of Evodia rutaecarpa and their cellular action mechanisms; Arch. Pharm. Res., 29 293

Focus Biomolecules chemical structure Evodiamine | TRPV1 agonist, anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic | CAS 518-17-2

Catalog#  10-2336-0050

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Catalog Number:
TRPV1 agonist, antiinflamatory, antiangiogenic
Chemical Name:
Molecular Weight:
Molecular Formula:
Soluble in DMSO (up to 5 mg/ml).
Physical Properties:
Yellow solid
98% by TLC
Storage Temperature:
Stable for 1 year as supplied. Solutions in DMSO may be stored at -20° for up to 2 months.
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Materials provided by Focus Biomolecules are for laboratory research use only and are not intended for human or veterinary applications.

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