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Gabexate mesylate | Serine Protease Inhibitor

Gabexate mesylate (56974-61-9) is a  serine protease inhibitor inhibiting plasmin, kallikrein, thrombin as well as trypsin, which attenuates pancreatic fibrosis.1  Reduces weight gain and improves metabolism in obese rodent models.2 In clinical use (in Japan) for pancreatitis.3 Inhibits influenza virus replication in human tracheal epithelial cells.4 Reduces infection of Calu-3 lung cells by SARS-CoV-2 (responsible for COVID-19) via inhibition of the serine protease TMPRSS2 required for viral spike protein priming.5

1) Gibo et al. (2005), Camostat Mesilate Attenuates Pancreatic Fibrosis via Inhibition of Monocytes and Pancreatic Stellate Cells Activity; Lab Invest., 85 75
2) Albarazanji et al. (2019), Intestinal Serine Protease Inhibition Increases FGF21 and Improves Metabolism in Obese Mice; Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol., 316 G653
3) Ueda et al. (2015), The Serine Protease Inhibitor Camostat Mesilate Attenuates the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease Through Its Antioxidant Effects; Nephron, 129 223
4) Yamaya et al. (2015), The Serine Protease Inhibitor Camostat Inhibits Influenza Virus Replication and Cytokine Production in Primary Cultures of Human Tracheal Epithelial Cells; Pulm. Phamracol. Ther., 33 66
5) Hoffmann et al. (2020), SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked by a Clinically Proven Protease Inhibitor; Cell, 181 271

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Catalog#  10-2216-0010

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Catalog Number:
Serine Protease Inhibitor
Chemical Name:
4-[[6-[(Aminoiminomethyl)amino]-1-oxohexyl]oxy]benzoic acid, ethyl ester, methanesulfonate
Alternate Name:
Molecular Weight:
Molecular Formula:
C16H23N3O4 • CH3SO3H
Soluble in DMSO (up to 50 mg/ml) or in Water (up to 50 mg/ml).
Physical Properties:
Off-white solid
98% by HPLC
NMR (Conforms)
Storage Temperature:
-20°C (des.)
Stable for 2 years as supplied. Solutions in DMSO or distilled water may be stored at -20°C for up to 1 month.
Shipping Code:
Materials provided by Focus Biomolecules are for laboratory research use only and are not intended for human or veterinary applications.

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