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  • Alpha-Mangostin | STING agonist (human)
    α-Mangostin (6147-11-1) is a xanthone natural product that has historically been used in traditional folk medicine.1 It is a potent agonist of human STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) and also weakly activates...

  • DMXAA | STING agonist
    DMXAA (117570-53-3) is a STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) agonist selective for mouse STING.1,2 Intratumoral administration of DMXAA resulted in tumor regression and complete rejection in mouse xenografts.3 Tumor...

  • Everolimus | mTOR inhibitor
    Everolimus (159351-69-6) is a semisynthetic analog of rapamycin (Cat.# 10-1104) with potent immunosuppressive activity.1 Inhibits mTOR.2 Everolimus is a clinically useful immunosuppressant.3 References/Citations1)...

  • Indoximod | IDO modulator / tryptophan mimetic
    Indoximod (110117-83-4) is a modulator of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) activity.1 IDO can be used by tumors to avoid elimination by the host immune response2,3, thus inhibition of IDO is an interesting cancer...

  • Ingenol-3-angelate | PKC activator
    Ingenol-3-angelate (75567-37-2) is a selective activator of protein kinase C which displays antileukemic activity mediated via PKCδ.1 In contrast, it provides a strong survival signal to resting and activated...

  • IPI-549 | Selective PI3Kgamma inhibitor / Immuno-oncology agent
    IPI-549 (1693758-51-8) is a potent and highly selective inhibitor of PI3K-γ in both biochemical (IC50 = 16 nM) and cellular (IC50 = 12.2 nM) assays.1 Macrophage PI3K-γ has been found to be a critical switch...

  • Kynurenine (L) | Endogenous AhR agonist
    Kynurenine (2922-83-0) is a tryptophan catabolite.1 Endogenous tumor-promoting ligand of the human aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR). Constitutively generated by human tumor cells via the action of the tryptophan...

  • Lenalidomide | Immunomodulator
    Lenalidomide (191732-72-6) is a thalidomide analog which, like thalidomide1, binds to cereblon which is the substrate recognition component of a cullin-dependent ubiquitin ligase and inhibits its autoubiquitination activity2...

  • Rapamycin | 53123-88-9 | Structure | Supplier
    Rapamycin (53123-88-9) is a clinically useful immunosuppressant. Inhibits the response to interleukin-2 blocking activation of T- and B-cells.1 Rapamycin forms a complex with cytosolic FK-binding protein 12 (FKB12) that...

  • Sitravatinib | Multikinase inhibitor / Immuno-oncology agent
    Sitravatinib (1123837-84-2) is a broad spectrum receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Its targets include Axl, c-Met, PDGFR, VEGFR, Ephrin receptor family, and FLT3 among others at nanomolar levels.1 Sitravatinib has been...

  • Talabostat mesylate | Pyroptosis inducer / Inflammasome activator
    Talabostat mesylate (150080-09-4) is a non-selective inhibitor of the S9 family of serine proteases (IC50’s: DPPIV = <4nM, DPP8 = 4nM, DPP9 = 11nM, QPP = 310nM, FAP = 560nM, PEP = 390nM).1 Toxicity caused by DPP8/9...

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