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  • Everolimus | mTOR inhibitor
    Everolimus (159351-69-6) is a semisynthetic analog of rapamycin (Cat.# 10-1104) with potent immunosuppressive activity.1 Inhibits mTOR.2 Everolimus is a clinically useful immunosuppressant.3 References/Citations1)...

  • Indoximod | IDO modulator / tryptophan mimetic
    Indoximod (110117-83-4) is a modulator of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) activity.1 IDO can be used by tumors to avoid elimination by the host immune response2,3, thus inhibition of IDO is an interesting cancer...

  • Kynurenine (L) | Endogenous Ahr agonist
    Kynurenine (2922-83-0) is a tryptophan catabolite1. Endogenous tumor-promoting ligand of the human aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR). Constitutively generated by human tumor cells via the action of the tryptophan degrading...

  • Lenalidomide | Immunomodulator
    Lenalidomide (191732-72-6) is a thalidomide analog which, like thalidomide1, binds to cereblon which is the substrate recognition component of a cullin-dependent ubiquitin ligase and inhibits its autoubiquitination activity2...

  • Rapamycin | 53123-88-9 | Structure | Supplier
    Rapamycin (53123-88-9) is a clinically useful immunosuppressant. Inhibits the response to interleukin-2 blocking activation of T- and B-cells.1 Rapamycin forms a complex with cytosolic FK-binding protein 12 (FKB12) that...

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